What my clients say
Theresa’s facials are a must if you want to relax for an hour and a half in gorgeous surroundings and emerge with soft, glowing skin. Forget those facialists who let you out with a red, angry face with your hair skew whiff and with a slightly dishevelled air – that won’t happen when you visit Theresa. She examines your skin, decides what treatment you need, then provides it in a calming atmosphere with a gentle but deft touch, then sends you home with some gorgeous samples to try at home. If your skin needs some TLC, look no further than Theresa MacLeod.
- Deborah Granville
<cite> - Deborah Granville </cite>
I have enjoyed Theresa’s facials for over 5 years now, and the pleasure has never dimmed. They make me feel so pampered and relaxed and I’ve noticed a real improvement in my skin.
- Hilary Thomas
<cite> - Hilary Thomas </cite>
A friend of mine recently bought me a facial at one of the top beauty salons in London and I can honestly say it wasn’t a patch on Theresa’s.
- Dixie Linder
<cite> - Dixie Linder </cite>
As soon as Theresa opens the door, you know you are in for a relaxing and spoiling time. Her treatment room is elegant and soothing and your every need is anticipated. Her treatments are of the highest quality and it always feels as if she has all the time in the world, frequently giving you longer than she should. In addition to her care and professionalism, Theresa is a completely lovely and beautiful person and just being with her would probably make you feel restored and revived. In summary, I’ve never been to a better beauty therapist.
- Catherine Graham Harrison
<cite> - Catherine Graham Harrison </cite>
Theresa has a wonderfully relaxing and boutique studio and I always feel a million dollars just lying back on the couch. Her lightness of touch and skill mean that even a whole leg wax is a thoroughly relaxing experience.
- Sophie Webb
<cite> - Sophie Webb </cite>
A few weeks ago I was feeling very run down and decided I needed a pampering session with Theresa… She gave me the most wonderful massage and facial, as well as a new skincare routine. Weeks later I’m still getting comments from friends on how good my skin looks and I’m already looking forward to my next appointment!
- Sally Ann Elliot
<cite> - Sally Ann Elliot </cite>
Going to see Theresa is like walking into an oasis of calm. Not only is she a wonderful person but her facials, manicures and pedicures leave you feeling rejuvenated and glowing. I would highly recommend Theresa and will never be going anywhere else for beauty treatments again!
- Anna Mischon
<cite> - Anna Mischon </cite>
Theresa’s beauty treatments in the calm band beautiful setting of her own home are so enjoyable that they have become – for me – an essential luxury rather than an occasional treat. I can’t think of anything more relaxing and restorative than to have a facial or a massage with Theresa. She has magic in her fingers – a true therapist.
- Sue Gladstone
<cite> - Sue Gladstone </cite>
I look forward to my appointments with Theresa in the same way as when I have a holiday coming up. I usually arrive tired and depleted and always leave feeling relaxed, nourished and re-energised, looking a whole better too! I recommend Theresa without hesitation.
- Damienne
<cite> - Damienne </cite>
We call a visit to Theresa, ‘going to heaven’ .. Her facials are a thoroughly relaxing and spoiling experience, and I have been asked following a treatment, if I’d had botox!
- Gilly Lethbridge
<cite> - Gilly Lethbridge </cite>
She is a consummate professional who has established a place of calm and peace so while face and body are revitalised the spirit is soothed and refreshed.
- Kathy Graham Harrison
<cite> - Kathy Graham Harrison </cite>